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Individual session 1,5h + consultation of 45min: 220Euro
Package of 1,5h x 3 sessions : 600Euro (instead of 660Euro)
Package of 1,5h x 4 sessions : 750Euro (instead of 880Euro)
Package of 1,5h x 6 sessions : 1100Euro (instead of 1320Euro)

Please contact us via BOOK NOW page to schedule your individual session. Online sessions via Zoom are also available.

Couple session 1,5h: 380Euro
Workshop max 4 people 4h (theory and practice): 600Euro

True Power Breathwork has a minimum 24 hour cancellation/rescheduling policy. If an appointment is missed, canceled or changed with less than 24 hours notice, there will be charge of cancellation fee.


We believe that every obstacle encountered in life is connected to energy. There is an energetic resonance and as a strong magnet we are attracting people and circumstances into the life.

Disease, personal issues, relationship issues everything has roots in stuck, suppressed, deformed energy. Our healing space (current location is in Leiden) through breathwork offers transformation and energy healing. That is why it is very important to think deeper about the issue which is there now in life. Essential part of the process is contemplation on the intention before the session. The intention will direct the energy into stuck or frozen places, where life force does not stream freely.

For example depression is connected to supressed vital energy.  Of course we always advice to get supported by our breathwork session in combination with a professional medical treatment.

Healing space – flow, release, transform

Also one of transformational breath session probably will not be enough to resolve the issue which lasted for years. That is why we offer Transformational package in our healing space with 3 sessions to do dive deep. If you wish to embark on a transformational journey with guidance an insight, we recommend Advanced Package with consultations.

Here you an read more about Our Offer.

The truth is that it takes for sure few sessions just to unblock the flow of energy. Usually the energetic body is very blocked, if we did not do any type of bodywork before. The energy is a strong fuel for transformation. Therefore, after that there is access to energy, an actual shift and release will happen.
However of course there are exceptions from the rule. We had also a lot of clients who had amazing results after only one session.


  • rested body and mind;
  • loose and comfortable clothes;
  • contemplate about your intention.