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Body, life force energy & vibration

This method is a holistic approach to the emotional and physical healing based first of all in the professional training I have received in the past from my teachers and secondary but very important from my personal experience and transformation. I serve by example.

The knowledge I navigate is traditional Vajrayana Buddhist practice, transformation breathing, Feeding Your Demons transformation of inner shadow practice by Lama Tsultrim Allione, Temple Arts healing techniques, traditional Zen meditation, Kundalini energy and life force activation practices, Body De-armouring techniques.

High vibrational frequency of life force

According to all above teachings the physical body is consisting of energy or vibration. Everything vibrates in the universe with certain frequency. If we would not accumulate any emotional storage in the body and nervous system we would emanate with high vibrational frequency. Unfortunately usually we hold a lot of physical and emotional tension within, which causes low frequency resonance. And so we attract low vibrational people and circumstances.

In our natural state the body is a container for high vibrational energy. When we have full access to our life force energy what happens we can easily manifest our wishes and desires. The more of low vibration is held in the body the lesser is our manifestation force.

So what causes the depletion of the life force energy?

During our lifetime usually we experience starting from the childhood different unpleasant experiences or emotional traumas. Because we could not process those emotions in the past they got absorbed and accumulated in the muscle tissue in the various areas of the body. Those frozen places create an armor – places where the energy is stagnant and does not flow.

In effect we loose partially our energy resources, we become more week, depressed, tired, less joyful, not present. When we do not deal with stuck emotions, as a result there is even physical pain or illness generated.

What is True Power Breathwork?

True Power Breathwork offers something more than breathwork and bodywork alone. Together with transformation breathing I use the life force energy to work with the intention of the client, to direct it and experience a deep and lasting change. Intention and activation of energy are essential part of the healing process.

In the introduction talk we deconstruct and look deeper into the nature of issue.  It has a tendency to reappear in life. Usually we are magically attracted to same unfavorable circumstances, people, experiences or same abusive situations. Through release of emotional luggage there comes a transformation of destructive and not serving anymore patters.

Breathwork Amsterdam – for whom?

Our breathwork sessions can help in a non-invasive way to deal with following aspects:

  • relieve stress & anxiety
  • transformation of destructive and not serving anymore patters
  • help and cure addictions
  • manage and treat depression
  • develop and strengthen mental focus
  • heal physical and emotional wounds and traumas
  • awaken creativity
  • help with sleeping problems
  • manage PTSD
  • reduce chronic pain
  • develop physical strength and health
  • mastering life force energy Shakti to create more abundance, creativity and wellness
  • develop high performance for success in business and personal happiness
  • loosing weight through cleansing of emotional luggage and accumulated toxins
  • strengthen health preventing cancer and other diseases

Who should avoid breathwork

Breathwork we perform has a non-invasive form. However, breathwork is not for everyone. Thus if you have a history with epileptic seizure, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, major cardivascular issues, or other serious issues, please consult the breathwork with a doctor before attending.

How does the Individual Session look like?

The Individual session is a combination of transformation breathing and bodywork using Soft De-armouring techniques and life force energy. We use deep concious breathing, sound, touch and vibration of the voice to manifest the healing intention. We do not use hyperventilation or re-traumatization, which can happen in other forms of breathwork such as holotropic or rebirthing. The strength of this method lays in energy, voice and vibration to make more space in the body. Thus it is non-invasive and very safe for most of people.

What to expect?

First we start with a short meditation and begin with a special breath technique to relax the body vessel and mind. After that I invite you to lay down on the comfortable mattress on the floor.

Through the duration of session the blockages are activated connected to the healing intention. Moreover, I use pressure points to support release of energetic obstacles. What happens during the breathwork session is that conscious breath for a long period of time changes the chemistry of the organism in such a way that blocked physical and emotional energies associated with various dramatic memories are released and become available for processing and peripheral discharge.

The release of trauma from the nervous system and cell memory means that repressed emotions and patterns no longer determine our life and choices. Moreover, we reconnect with our body, becoming more aware and being able to contain more feeling and emotions in a healthy way. Thus we become more attuned to our needs and can manage our boundaries better. Becoming more aware of how we want to live and what we want in life. Knowing who I am, what I stand for and what is my mission.

What can I experience during transformation breathing?

You might experience energy, vibration or electrical sensation moving through your body. Old emotions and sensations usually familiar from the everyday life come up. Through the breath and sound the stuck energy is released.

After the session there comes the feeling of being grounded, spacious, as some heaviness has dropped off the shoulders. You can check the OFFER HERE.