I started my spiritual and healing journey in 2008 with Hatha Yoga. After that my interest for knowing my mind better was growing by attending courses of NLP, studying and implementing in daily life New Age Movement of positive thinking and attending courses of Hawaiian Art of Healing Hoʻoponopono by Morrnah Simeona.

All of that was a good starting point but it was too mental, but I felt it does not bring me into a deeper process. In addition, I was working in a banking industry as a manager and found myself totally exhausted. As a result I needed a burn out coach myself. There was a feeling of emptiness inside surrounded by shiny success outside. At some point my level of happiness started to grow and change. After that I found out about embodied breathwork and bodywork.

Transformational breath

For around 2 years I was assisting in healing and deep transformational workshops held by Estera Saraswati. That is where I experienced my own deep transformation as well as gained precious knowledge and discovered my own potential.
Other teaching which influenced my work a lot and which I use in sessions is Soft Dearmouring therapy. Profound method to release old armour around the physical and energetic body.

To me breath and bodywork are part of my spiritual buddhist path of personal development. It includes raising awareness, raising and managing the energy, broadening the consciousness and integrating all layers of the human being. Especially nowadays breath is so needed in the era of new professions like burn out coach and life coach.

I am passionated about the transforming power of shadow work. My greatest desire is to serve for the benefit of all sentient beings through this work.  Further it is about integrating the tools in every day life, going beyond personal desires and serving for the higher purpose. Now in service to community and planet in the area of Leiden.

Thanks to all the teachers I met in the past years, not only have I discovered how to help myself but also learned techniques of working with breath, body and energy to support other people in their healing. I can support burn out coach function to regain life force energy through the power of breath. The space I create is characterised by strong container, soft approach and deep transformation, which influences all areas of life.

The mentioned breathing techniques are extremely valuable because they allow to get beyond the gross mind and reach the source of a problem, which usually is recorded in the subconscious mind.

Some of the teachings I took part to:

  • The Cross – The Fast Path to Soul Awakening facilitated by Remember Yourself – 2019
  • The GAIA method DEBST – De-armouring retreat facilitated by Susanne Roursgaard – 2017
  • Individuall training by Estera Saraswati including individual sessions, training and participation and assistance in International Retreats all over the Globe  – 2015 – 2017
  • Dearmouring, trauma and tension release – 10 days course facilitated by Andrew Barnes – 2016
  • Leading women’s circles and women meetings course – Facilitated by Estera Saraswati – 2016
  • Shamanic healing in daily life – workshop facilitated by Richard Sion Windelov – 2016
  • Chakras & Kundalini teaching – held by Paramhans Swami Maheshwarananda – 2014
  • Ho’oponopono by Morrnah Simeona course – held by Anna Kligert – March 2011
  • NLP course – held by Andrzej Batko – 2010