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Transformational breath Amsterdam

transformational breath amsterdam

Transformational breath Amsterdam is not a new concept. Every spiritual path or tradition has its fundaments based on transforming the mind. A lot of times transformation means that the negative qualities are becoming the opposite, we talk about alchemy and making gold out of dirt and mud. 

Transformational breath Amsterdam

Same when we experience trouble in life or body, mental issues, stress or physical disease usually the life tries to talk to us. It starts with a subtle whisper, a soft knock on the door. When we are not hearing the calling the issue starts to grow in size, trying to catch the attention. There comes more stress, more disease, more of problems. Listening requires attention but also courage to respect our boundaries, our truth, our authenticity and sometimes sensitivity. Another factor, which does not help in listening and hearing is a deep disconnection with the core of our being. In a state of disconnection there are no clear boundaries, emotions are hard to distinguish, or are not present at all, the feeling of the body and soul is numb or zombielike. In a state of connection we experience a deep fulfilling sense of joy, in disconnection there is a need for external substances like alcohol, drugs, addictions – those are substitutes to the inner joy. 

How transformational breath Amsterdam works?

So the first step to transform is to reestablish the lost connection. All possible spiritual traditions have used different types of breathing techniques from the beginningless times. So does the True Power Breathwork Amsterdam practice. Deep connective breath has abilities to connect to our deeper senses, it cuts through the gross mind and goes directly into the root of issue and transforms stagnant energies into high vibration. As a result old patterns are not having control over you anymore, you experience more freedom in all aspects of life.

High vibrational breathing

A very important part of transformational breath Amsterdam is raising the vibration. Through a special breathing technique you are invited to higher the frequency of the energy operating in the whole system. Through that naturally the healing occurs. The low vibration is discharged from the body in form of old unexpressed emotions, sensation of coldness, or heat.

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