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Meditation Amsterdam

meditation Amsterdam

Meditation in Amsterdam would definitely benefit a lot of people. Everyone knows how beneficial meditation can be. Stillness of the mind, silence, space – what could be better than blissful inner space? After all, everything comes to life from the inner perspective. But why we can not stay in this state in day to day activities? Why is it that stress became the main and normal taste of going through life?

Meditation Amsterdam

A lot of people say that Amsterdam is relaxed city, it is of course true. The city is buzzing with energy and aliveness. But what comes from the excessive energy a lot of times is also stress, anxiety, tension. When our inner space is gone, there is just overwhelming feeling of tension and lack of peace. 

Inner peace is like a blue sky 

So the state of peaceful mind is compared in different spiritual traditions to the blues sky. Sometimes there are clouds on it, sometimes it is rainy, but when the storm is over it is peaceful again. Very similar our true nature is like that. Emotions are coming and going, but what stays is this space. 

Can meditation improve the quality of life?

Of course, meditation improves the quality of life. It is like every practice, we become better in it if we train regularly. The athletes do not expect to be muscled after one training. Well, same with meditation – mindfulness comes with effort. Meditative state of mind it something we should actually stay in daily life, rather than sometimes experience. Especially it is good to start a day with 30 minutes of meditation. The way the days starts, the same way it continues. So literally, we are improving the quality of every experienced day.

Nothing is better than a week long meditative retreat, whether it is Vipassana or traditional Zen meditation. After a retreat the mediative state is something natural and it stays. 

Breathwork sessions and mindfulness?

Breathwork sessions we offer have a lot to do with meditation. The focus and awareness are key factors for change and transformation. Moreover, after each sessions the inner space becomes vaster and bigger. That means, that mindfulness is a result of a breathwork and liberation from tension. After a set of sessions what happens it that, calmness of mind becomes a natural thing. When we are fulled with heaviness and tension, meditation is not easy. Find the inner peace and connect back to yourself through our breathwork!


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