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Kundalini – discover true power


Kundalini energy is a very precious spiritual energy, which can be awakened and used for a higher purpose. By most of individuals it is a dormant state. Folded at the sacred bone, it is blocked by many obstacles. Those are held in the physical and energetic body.

A lot of times I hear people saying about how dangerous is Kundalini energy. It is a very intelligent energy and it unfolds only when there is readiness. When body becomes more an empty vessel and we have dealt with all stuck emotions the Kundalini raises naturally.

There is no need to perform exercises to push it going up. I believe in a soft approach of the Feminine energy and Kundalini definitely has feminine nature. Feminine energy does not like to be pushed. For harmonious opening of Kundalini surrender is the main quality.

Why to awaken Kundalini?

When we awaken Kundalini we literally become more awake and alive. The consciousness, heart, all power centres open up in the process of this energy raising from the root chakra up through the heart and third eye chakras. As a result this creates a great opening, feeling of connection with everything and everyone around.

Moreover when it moves through the body it starts to remove all obstacles and negative karmic accumulations. The cleansing itself can be intense, but is very satisfying. The main reason to access this energy is because it is an accelerator for a spiritual growth and healing. It is also a source of power. The manifestation on the physical plan becomes fast and easy. people who have Kundalini awaken become a healing amplifier. Being in the space where is a strong holder of this energy activates the healing in the space.

Healing breathwork sessions using Kundalini

In the Breathwork sessions I offer I use Kundalini energy as a healing energy. Through directing it into stuck places it cleanses the body vessel from blocked emotions. The good thing about it that the  cleansing is very harmonious, so if the body is not ready to release, it will not happen. Usually a person needs a set of 3 to 10 sessions to deal with an issue.

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