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breathwork amsterdam

True Power Breathwork Amsterdam

Just a shallow connection with the breath influences and shifts the state of being. True Power Breathwork Amsterdam is created in order to help people heal unprocessed emotions.
This is the space for healing and deep transformation.  Through a simple breathing technique you can find inner integrity, create more freedom in life and start feeling more. The sessions are performed in the Amsterdam.

What is Breathwork Amsterdam?

Breathwork has physical, mental, emotional and spiritual benefits. Physically speaking, most of us are breathing with only 20% of our respiratory capacity. Through a diaphragmic breathing sometimes called “belly breathing” we access more of that capacity. Moreover about 70% of detoxification of our body happens through the exhalation. That means that through learning to breath more fully and freely we are working towards enhanced health benefits.

This type of Breathwork opens blocked areas and connects with our life force. Breathing was well known in all Eastern spiritual traditions as an access point to prana, chi, also known as life force or vital energy.  My work is based on traditional breathwork techniques and Buddhist philosophy and psychology.

How does the breathwork work?

Emotions are a great part of being a human. However in western culture people tend to control their emotions. It is a great survival mechanism to stop our breathing when we go through a stressful situation. Controlling our breath allows us to control the flow of emotional energy.

 The problem is that if we tend to control our breathing for most of the time our energy gets clogged and stagnant. In other words we accumulate obstacles that are causing the feeling of heaviness. All those unfelt and unprocessed feelings are usually having a low vibrational frequency.

   A lot of times we are running through life not even aware of those accumulated obstacles. It becomes normal to feel stress, anxiety or lack of energy.  Moreover, we even think that it is a negative trace of our character. But it is not. We just see the life through the filter of that stuck emotions in our system. But it is not our natural state.

The Law of Entrainment states when a high vibrational frequency is put into the presence of a low vibrational energy, the low vibration frequency will change it’s form. 
Because the breathwork is using a high vibrational breathing this is what consequently happens.

Through the sessions I offer layer by layer the energetic obstacles blocking the energy to flow through the whole system are being removed through the healing power of breath. Living your heart and soul in a state of spaciousness, connection and joy.

For whom is Breathwork?

Breathwork Amsterdam includes breathing technique and work with energy. Those are examples of the topics for a breathwork session:

  • Cleaning negative emotions: anxiety, stress, depressive states, low energy, low self confidence, destructive thoughts, victimhood, sadness

  • Cleaning and reducing energetic obstacles and other stresses, allowing you to open up space for solutions, inspiration, and hope

  • Building inner stability through a new pattern of breathing

  • Unlocks the inner source of creativity

  • Working with loss

  • Relationship problems

  • Connecting with soul purpose / mission

Transformational Package

breathwork / ademwerk sessions of 1h incl. 1h consultation for 480Euro (Instead of 540Euro)
Location: Amsterdam
To attain the best results it is recommended to have a set of 3 to 9 sessions.
breathwork amsterdam

About Natasja

I started my spiritual and healing journey in 2008 with Hatha Yoga. After that my interest for knowing my mind better was growing by attending courses of NLP, studying Buddhist psychology and philosophy at Garchen Buddhist Institute, attending courses of Hawaiian Art of Healing Hoʻoponopono by Morrnah Simeona. After that for around 10 years I was working on my own healing through the powerful breathing techniques and learning more in the de- armouring and bodywork courses.
For around 2 years I was in a personal training  by Estera Saraswati, participating in the transformative retreats and learning everything about healing.
Other teachings which influenced my work are Dearmouring therapy teachings. It gives an understanding about the trigger points where we accumulate stuck emotions. 

True Power Breathwork Amsterdam is an official registered company in KVK.