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Just a shallow connection with the breath influences and shifts the state of being. Breath creates freedom, expansion and healing.
This is the space for healing and deeply transformational experiences. I am on a mission of helping to find inner integrity, creating more freedom in life and feeling more bliss living on this planet. The sessions are performed in the Leiden area.

What is Kundalini Breathwork?

Breathwork I perform is a set of different healing modalities I combined in my practice during recent 10 years of self healing, spiritual growth and exploration in Vajrayana Buddhist path, Matriarchy Temple Arts practices and Dearmouring theraphy. For around two years I was in personal training by Estera Saraswati and assisted in international transformational retreats concentrated on shadow work and Kundalini healing. For 4 years I was working as energy healer in Warsaw and assisted many clients in their transformational journey. At that time I was performing healing using Kundalini energy, breath and dearmouring bodywork. My style of work naturally evolved into breathwork sessions with Kundalini energy (also knowns as chi). I found out that the combination of breath, consciousness and Kundalini is a powerful tool for transformation and removing obstacles. Why is it so efficient? Kundalini energy works as a brush – it removes all the obstacles on its path. Also it works a powerful fuel for transformation – we all know that we get further by car if we have gasoline in our tank  than without the needed resource. So basically Kundalini, when it is activated, starts to burn away the accumulated unprocessed emotions in our energy channels, tissues, muscles and cells.

After moving from Poland I am continuing to contribute as breathwork and bodywork coach here in Holland already for more than 3 years. Through breathwork with Kundalini energy as a healing modality – the work includes two steps: 1) activating vital energy to flow through the whole body; 2) embody ourselves and root the consciousness in the body. As a supportive tool to understand the process consciously, deep insightful awareness is used together with deep listening to the body through embodying the experience. This process is deeply related to Buddhist philosophy and psychology.

Moreover, the sessions are constructed through the healing to connect deeper to the Self and so to the authentic inner power and strength. Body has immense capacity to store old memories in the cells, tissue and muscles. A lot of times we are running through life disconnected from our inner joy, because of many accumulated obstacles and afflictive emotions. It becomes normal to feel stress, anxiety or lack of energy. But it is not our natural state. 
Through the sessions I offer layer by layer the energetic obstacles blocking the energy to flow through the whole system are once for all removed. Living your heart and soul in a state of spaciousness, connection and joy.

Breathwork includes breathing technique and work with energy. Those are the topics which I work with:

– Awakening Kundalini energy to create more joy, health and vitality
– Awakening inner power
– Cleaning negative emotions: anxiety, stress, depressive states, low energy, low self confidence, destructive thoughts, victimhood, sadness
– Cleaning and reducing energetic obstacles
– Building inner stability through awakening inner masculine
– Creating more joy and abundance through developing inner feminine / creativity
– Unblocking lost / forgotten potential through shamanic work with inner structures connected to power
– Working with loss
– Connecting with soul purpose / mission

Transformational Package

3 sessions incl. 45 min consultation for 600Euro
(Instead of 660Euro)
To attain the best results it is recommended to have a set of 3 to 9 sessions.

About Nataliia Grytsuk

I started my spiritual and healing journey in 2008 with Hatha Yoga. After that my interest for knowing my mind better was growing by attending courses of NLP, studying and implementing in daily life New Age Movement of positive thinking, attending courses of Hawaiian Art of Healing Hoʻoponopono by Morrnah Simeona. All of that was a good starting point but it was too mental and I felt it does not bring me into the depth. It changed after I found out about breathwork and bodywork courses.
For around 2 years I was assisting in healing and deep transformational workshops by Estera Saraswati. That is where I experienced my own deep transformation as well as gained precious knowledge and discovered my own potential.
Other teaching which influenced my work a lot and which I use in sessions is Soft Dearmouring therapy. Profound method to release old armour around the physical and energetic body. Natalia is now in service to planet and society located in Leiden. 

Our company is registered in KvK as Grytsuk Empowerment and Tara Solutions VOF.